About Us



Net Worth is a site that describes the earnings and income of famous people. Was founded in 2019. Our main objective is to announce income injustice to the whole world. We use the figures reflected in the media while working on this issue. In addition, there are a few places where we receive statistical data.


Journalism is an adventure that has come to an end. But not for us. This site aims to provide access to the essence of news, events, backgrounds that are consumed quickly in daily life.
In journalism, each pursues the inin story behind ”what we consider a separate ayrı story.

While there were many successful monthly and weekly economy magazines in the market, the fact that the media side did not have a tidy economy publication encouraged us to exist in this medium. Turkey’s new face, to venture, we put our mind to be found in a publication by the geography and shed light on the ties with the world and we hit the road.

The difference is that we are a magazine that comes out of the local, the global minister, reads the background and makes room for Islamic codes in the economy. Apart from local and foreign authors with our commentary in Turkey and investing abroad in the world economic pull out a detailed photograph of what happened to our businessmen, we reveal the political and geopolitical risks.

From now on, this site is with you with the files and news that it has added to the economy and life issues from Asia to America, from Northern Europe to Africa and Latin America.