David Beckham’s Hairstyle Evolution 1993-2020

No one has changed as much as David Beckham’s hairstyle changed in the history of football. No matter what team he went to, Beckham had made a hair style unique to that year.

David Beckham’s Hairstyle Evolution 1993-2020


David Beckham's Hairstyle - 1

When Beckham appeared for the first time in 1993, he was using this model, the sides of which were scrapped. Although it was a popular hairstyle at the time, it is a fact that our eyes are bleeding right now.


David Beckham's Hairstyle

The only thing that has changed over the past five years has been Beckham’s hair a few inches longer.


David Beckham's Hairstyle

We entered a new era in 2000 and found a brand new Beckham in front of us! Growing and sitting on the face, Beckham began to conquer the hearts of women by scraping her hair in 2000.


David Beckham's Hairstyle - 1

Just as everything was fine, Beckham came up with a short Mohawk model but unfortunately this hairstyle did not suit him.


David Beckham's Hairstyle - 1

We come up with a model that we said was better if the calendar sheets did not do when 2002 showed Beckham.


David Beckham's Hairstyle - 1 David Beckham's Hairstyle - 1

In 2003, Beckham will know what he wants, and he appeared with three different hairstyles.


David Beckham's Hairstyle - 1

Beckham must have started cutting his hair at home in 2005 because no one could make sense of that cut.


Eventually, in 2008, Beckham had his hair cut again and again. Covering the gap of his hair with his dirty beard, Beckham was now beginning to embrace with his current charisma.


David Beckham's Hairstyle - 1

Beckham destroyed his charisma, which started in 2008, in 2010 and received many criticisms.


David Beckham's Hairstyle - 1

I think Beckham, who has matured a bit with his age and the end of his football career, has now returned to what we know.


David Beckham's Hairstyle

It is an indisputable fact that Beckham, who has created his own style, looks better than his youth.


David Beckham's Hairstyle

Doesn’t it look like ‘fashion is mine’ in this photo taken on London fashion week?


And the prophecy of how Beckham would look in 2020 has been refuted. This year Beckham is handsome and charismatic.

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