Trend Haircut Models of 2020

Want to learn the 2020 haircut fashion? In 2020, you should be ready to be blindfolded in hairstyles and cuts. If you are a brave and blind person, we can say that 2020 haircut models are just for you. Wavy blow dry with large brushes, large waves, voluminous and voluminous hair will be at the forefront in 2020 .

haircut models

We have compiled 2020 trending haircut models for you.

Smooth and Bright

The smooth blunt and Bob hairstyle is one of the fashion styles of this year. This hairstyle is called “Glass Hair / Glass hair trend”. If you want to have a very modern and cool look, we can say this haircut is for you. The key feature of the hair style is that it is shiny like glass. For this we recommend that you take care of your hair and stay away from the matte appearance.

haircut models

Continue with Cardamom…

In 2020, cardamom fashion continues. It looks like the bangs will never go out of fashion. If you are looking for a difference in your hair, you can adapt to the straight and understated cardamom fashion this year. We can say that this hairstyle will make you look younger and energetic.  You can choose to use Osis Session Extra Restraint Spray to protect your hair model throughout the day .


Vintage “2020”

Among the trends of street fashion, we can say that we will see vintage Bob cut hair. We go back to the 60s with the hairstyle that ends slightly below the ear level. You can try to combine the vintage style with the innovation of 2020.  We recommend using Davines Curl Building Curl Builder Serum while styling your vintage cut hairstyle .

haircut models

Pixie Hair Trend

We can say that Pixie style is the most remarkable and encouraging hairstyle of 2020 that you will see everywhere from red carpet to street style. If you are one of those who want to have a different and cool haircut, we can say that this haircut is for you.


The Rapunzel Adventure Continues in 2020…

Good news for those who cannot give up long hair; Rapunzel hair fashion continues in 2020. The long, waist-to-waist hair seems to make its mark this year as well. If you consider that Hollywood stars often prefer long hair, you can start growing your hair already. It reminds you that you should not neglect to protect your long hair against heat.


Storey Bob Model

If you do not like the bulging of the Bob haircut, you should not use your preference for the layered Bob cut. We must say that the folded Bob haircut suits especially natural wavy hair.


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